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Vote For Your Future

The campaign with one goal: to make sure every single eligible young person in the UK uses their vote on December 12.

According to the latest figures, one-third of young people aren’t registered to vote in the UK, Vote For Your Future is here to change that. 

Working with universities, schools, colleges, celebrities and companies, Vote For Your Future is a registration campaign aimed to inform young people of the importance of their vote. Highlighting how collectively as a generation, whatever the belief, young people can and will make a difference.

Vote For Your Future’s campaign director Lara Spirit told HUNGER that they “want to prove that young people can make a difference when they vote”, she continued, “we’re already seeing a major increase in young people registering to vote ahead of the election on December 12, but we want to encourage more than just participation.”

A collaboration between youth organisations such as Our Future, Our Choice (OFOC), For Our Futures Sake (FFS) and Students for Brexit, Vote For Your Future was formed during the lead up to the 2019 European Elections and was responsible for reaching over 5.3 million young people by election day. Predominantly running digital campaigns by joining forces with companies such as dating apps Bumble and Grindr, clothing brand Lucy & Yak and The Student Room, Vote For Your Future is able to reach one in three young people.

On top of their digital strategies, Vote For Your Future is due to lobby universities to improve their registration practises, mobilise students by working closely with Student Unions and university networks and start the proceeds to implement a UK political literacy program in all schools and colleges.

A leading supporter of Vote For Your Future Ellie Varley said: “Whatever your political leanings or beliefs, the first and best way you can have your voice heard is by voting. The more young people that register and turn out to vote now, the more they will actively participate in democracy in the future.”

This will be one of the most important and historical elections in recent years, it’s the UK’s first pre-Christmas poll in nearly a century – make sure your voice isn’t missed, register to vote here.

If you are interested in Vote For Your Future, you can find out more information on their website.

5 November 2019