What it really takes to get a job in fashion

The fashion world is perceived as one of the hardest to crack. Granted, there's a Devil Wears Prada veneer in some corners of the industry, but real talent, passion and drive is not lost on people. Also, let’s not forget it’s a billion dollar industry: that involves a lot of hiring. What does it take to become a model, designer, photographer or stylist? Supermodel and curator MBE Eunice Olumide has thankfully written a handy guidebook to getting started; packed full of treasure trove advice of the industry from the inside. We caught up with Olumide to share with us her top ten tips to bagging a job in fashion…

“Never do anything that goes against who you are as a person.  Neither money nor fame can ever remove or replace your dignity.”

“Study your chosen field inside out, use the internet, take additional training or classes and go to the library. Often you will find examples of work that has been consigned which will give you a wealth of knowledge and more texture in your vision. This will then make your own ideas more unique and authentic.”

“As a model, love yourself and understand that you are in a highly competitive industry. Like a professional footballer, you may struggle to earn a professional contract and find an agent. And even then, you’ll get transferred and undergo many trials before you eventually get to where you want to be.”

“Decide whether you want fame because you love the art form or because you want to work and earn an income. This can influence your path.”

“Move around and travel, the creative industries are complex and large, but often you will find that you might have an easier time or be more suitable to a different market outside the country you were born.”

“Find an agent who believes in you. There are many girls with top companies who may work a lot less than others from smaller agencies. It’s imperative that your booker believes in you and wants to see you succeed; otherwise you’ll end up fading into the background. Understand that agencies will usually put their own interests before yours. And depending on your age, try to think about what you might be able to do in terms of work should your model agency ever drop you.”

“Never put anyone else down and never let anyone destroy your dream. Recognise that people will feel threatened by you and they may want to test you. Perseverance, dedication, kindness and humbleness will keep you on the right road and teach you the most.”

“When you get the opportunity take it to the next level. Be tentative and available, take initiative and try to go over and beyond your call of duty. People will remember, and they will book you again.”

“Study your competition, it is important that you understand who else is doing what you want to do and look at how they have become successful. That way you will have a realistic idea of how to achieve your goals.”

“Always have your business card or comp ready at all time. Always.”

‘How To Get Into Fashion’ by Eunice Olumide is out now and available to buy at

22 October 2018

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