10 June 2022

Watch: Jordan Peele reveals unsettling new trailer for ‘Nope’

The new trailer finally answers some questions about the films mysterious plot.

Jordan Peele has become one of the most celebrated directors of the past decade ever since his masterpiece, Get Out and worthy follow up Us. Now, the Key and Peele star is attempting to make it three for three with his latest offering, Nope.

Peele’s mysterious new project has seen a recent trailer, not to mention a poster reveal, but fans were still none the wiser about what the film is actually about. Now, a new full trailer gives us the lowdown on the upcoming sci-fi horror flick.

Nope is set on a horse ranch somewhere in California where siblings (played by Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer) run the place with their father (Keith David). They supply trained horses to the film industry and rodeos. When some mysterious presence in the sky starts affecting their lives and their livelihoods — and kills their dad – they’re scared but also spot a chance to cash in if they can capture what they perceive to be alien activity on camera. They rope in a tech head (Brandon Perea) and a friend from the film industry (Michael Wincott), but of course it all leads to some nasty things happening…

Given that this comes from Peele, there will be much more to it than that, and we’re looking forward to discovering exactly what when the film lands in the UK on 12 August. 

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Credit Monkey Paw Productions / Nope

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