Watch the V&A’s new short film championing creativity

Today, the V&A is launching a new creative campaign that captures and celebrates the V&A’s iconic South Kensington location.

In reference to its awe-inspiring collection of history, art, design and performance, a two-minute short film, titled Creativity: It’s What Makes Us, shows the driving force behind everything that the museum does. Directed by filmmaker Georgia Hudson and shot by Nocturnal Animals cinematographer Seamus McGarvey, it opens with a mannequin (dancer and lead choreographer Max Cookward) travelling through the galleries, and meeting other dancers, as they discover the museum at night… 

“It was an honour to create this journey, assimilating the energy of the museum and metabolising its creative heritage into something unique and reflective of a physical re-wilding, a return to freedom. All things can become new things,” said Hudson, who also commissioned North London-based musician, Fredwave to compose the haunting score.

The V&A has been championing creativity since its conception in 1857, and they believe that the more creativity people experience in their lives, the better their lives become.

“This magical story is made up of a rich tapestry of creative expression, with original choreography, dance and music performance woven around the breadth of human creativity in the V&A’s Collection from the Ardabil Carpet, to Michelangelo’s David and William Morris’ wallpaper to contemporary works by Virgil Abloh, Christian Louboutin, Grayson Perry and Dilara Findikoglu,” corroborated Sophie Rouse, Head of integrated Marketing and Insights at the museum. “The V&A offers boundless opportunities for creative inspiration, joy, and adventure; as we emerge from the pandemic and look forward to the launch of three new V&A venues in London in the next three years, we want to take this experience to more people than ever before.”

It’s certainly an exciting time for the V&A. They will soon be expanding into three new London locations within the next three years, in addition to its current locations in Kensington, Dundee, and Stoke-on-Trent. Today, Fredwave will be performing a set alongside dancers from the short film at the museum’s Friday Late: Freedom of Movement.

  • Images Mark Field

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