13 July 2023

Weyes Blood finally got her film back from Glasto…

The singer-songwriter takes us on a BTS tour of the festival as both an artist and festival-goer.

Glastonbury may be over, but we’re still revelling in the unforgettable moments the world’s most famous festival had to offer. Whether you were in attendance or watching from a distance via a TV screen, this year’s event was once again filled with world-class acts and hair-raising performances for all of us to view in awe. One of those acts who more than made their mark was American singer-songwriter Weyes Blood, who appeared at Glastonbury for the first time – a career-defining moment for any musician, no matter their status.

“It makes sense that Glastonbury has been around as long as it has, given its attention to small detail… not only is the music great, but the installations and dance parties after the headliners were next level,” Weyes Blood tells HUNGER of the festival. “Overall, it’s a utopian rave situation with a little faerie folk and soul thrown in for good measure. My kinda situation.”

Here, we relive Weyes Blood’s inaugural Glastonbury experience – both as an artist and festival goer – thanks to images captured by photographer Neelam Khan Vela.

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Image Credit Neelam Khan Vela

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