White horses and disco balls: The ultimate Studio 54 playlist

Razzle dazzle.

Though it was only open for three years, Studio 54 left a mark on music and fashion culture like no other club in history. The sequins, the jumpsuits, that entrance on a a white horse – and the white powder – enshrined it as the holy grail of decadence. A place where Nile Rodgers strutted across the dance floor with Billy Idol to meet David Bowie. Where Michael Jackson hung out in the DJ booth with Andy Warhol. Where Karl could be seen scoping out the talent whilst four tonnes of glitter were scattered around the club for a lil’ razzle dazzle.

Insane glamour was the order of the day, and a driving disco beat was the soundtrack. So get ready to be taken you back with our ultimate Studio 54 playlist, 100% guaranteed to make you want to get in formation.

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