Whoopi Goldberg’s the unofficial hype beast of our generation

Whether she's wearing banana crocs, or a platform Westwood shoe, Whoopi Goldberg has been serving major shoe game for years and we've all been sleep...

For years Whoopi Goldberg has oftentimes been dubbed as the “Anti-fashion icon”. Perhaps, by publications pride themselves on a universal beauty standard that excludes anyone that isn’t blonde haired, fair skinned and a size 8 and below. When you’re young, chubby and a person of colour it’s a comforting feeling seeing the likes of Whoopi Goldberg in clothes that seem attainable, comfortable, but most importantly- for those of us who prefers a loose fit without the frump, Goldberg is a perfect example of that effortlessly put together appeal. Therefor her line, DUBGEE appeared a f**k you to archaic fashion codes.

However, Whoopi Goldberg’s sentiments towards fashion have rarely centered the more important feature of an individual’s outfit. Now, of the many style lessons Mrs (Miuccia) Prada has taught us is that she dresses from the bottom up. 

The shoes must always be the focus of a fabulous outfit. Goldberg knows all too well about making serious shoe statements and quite frankly, doesn’t get enough respect as the unofficial shoe game queen. Which begs the question? Why hasn’t Whoopi considered creating a line of shoes? A collab, a limited edition drop… Hello, Nike? Where is Whoopie’s sneaker workshop. 

Never a dull shoe moment when Ms Goldberg is involved. Whether it’s a pixar statement or a couture masterpiece, we need to shower this style icon with the respect she’s earned. After all, she said it herself; “You know, I love high heels but I always wore them with socks. And fashion is finally catching up to me. When you go to the shows, now you see girls on the runway wearing socks with heels,”

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It’s a @coach day again. Love these too! #shoes

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11 July 2019