19 April 2022

Y2K techno producer jamesjamesjames ranks Paris Hilton’s best outfits

This producer makes sexy, Y2K techno music for the modern-day Paris Hilton's of the world...

No one loves the Y2K era than jamesjamesjames. The producer-cum-DJ makes proudly makes tunes for anyone who is skinny, rich, blonde, and a little bit of a bitch — all said with a wink, of course. Originally from Beverly Hills but now residing in Brisbane, jamesjamesjames will be your new go-to for all things house music. Listen to their catchy hooks and pounding bass lines when you’re lying on a plastic surgery table having your third boob job, or on your way to a Paris Hilton meet and greet…

On that note, below, jamesjamesjames ranks the socialite and heiress’ best 00’s outfits, with some rather inappropriately hilarious captions.

Listen to the 2nd generation edit of jamesjamesjames’ ‘My Purple iPod nano’ here


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