3 August 2022

You’ll need to buy a NFT and pay $263 to watch Paris Hilton and Sky Ferreira’s new horror movie

A small price to pay to see Hilton back on the big screen, right?

Paris Hilton is returning to the big screen in the new porn slasher movie, 18 & Over. The flick is produced by Ashley Benson of Pretty Little Liars and will be released late this month. However, despite its Y2K feel, there’s just one slightly expensive modern catch. You’ll only be able to watch the movie if you purchase a $263 NFT, and there are only 10,000 available.

The NFT will be available to purchase from Nifty Gateway and will give buyers access to an exclusive “collectors cut” of the film on a private link in the first two months of its release. 18 & Over will then be set for a theatrical release later this year. Hercules Film Fund and Rhea Films, the film’s production companies, have stated that “long-term holders” of the NFT will give access to the movie’s LA premiere as well as virtual hangouts with the movie’s talent and director.

The premise of the flick follows Vicky (Benson) as she searches for a spiritual escape following the end of her relationship. This leads to her working in a remote cabin as a cam girl for an adult live streaming website called (you guessed it) 18 & Over. Of course, being in a remote cabin never ends well in the horror genre so obviously there’s a murderous maniac thrown in the mix for good measure.

Filmmakers Jimmy Giannopoulos and Diomedes Raul Bermudez are on board as co-creators and describe the film as a “night of terror.” Giannopoulos joins forces with Benson once again after they worked together on The Birthday Cake. The film uses the pandemic and quarantine as a backdrop for its spooky premise, he explained. “After deciding to shoot this film in the middle of the pandemic, we wanted to make something that would be fun but still a terrifying slasher for audiences during these tough times,” the filmmaker told Deadline. “A film relevant to today’s issues of a global pandemic, reality shows, isolation, OnlyFans, and obsession.”

The cast list is what’s got us all excited, though, as a plethora of familiar faces took part in the ambitious project. Joining Hilton, who plays herself, is Sky Ferreira who takes on the role of Stacey. Other standout names set to be involved include Winnie Harlow and Pamela Anderson, while A$AP Nast will also be dipping his toe into the acting world. G-Eazy is on board too, who produces the score for the flick, which will be a first for the rapper. Jake Weary, Luis Guzmán, Jon Foster, Duke Nicholson, John Robinson and Lindsey Pelas round out the rest of the cast members.

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Credit Hercules Film Fund and Rhea Films

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