Young Blood: Five New Editorials For Hunger TV

Five fresh editorials for your weekend fashion and beauty inspiration...

in colour

PHOTOGRAPHY Amber Grace Dixon // STYLING Safiya Yekwai // MAKE-UP Tamayo Yamoamoto // HAIR Shunsuke Merguro // MODELS Nino Pereira at Supa and Akuac at Brother // STYLING ASSISTANT Wendy Thou

A day WITH whitaker malem

PHOTOGRAPHY Andy Long Hoang // STYLING Lily Bling // MAKE-UP Eoin Whelan // HAIR Wilson Fok // MODEL Kristin Zakala at Premier // *Each shot featuring a leather piece made by Whitaker Malem

sorrow dreams

PHOTOGRAPHY Cordelia Lawler // MAKE-UP Phoebe Jacon-Epstein // DESIGNER Ellen Ophelia // NECK PIECES Marcin Giebultowski // VIDEO Loona Kasemets // MODELS Shun Yin and Rebecca Irvin

1979 DRAMA

PHOTOGRAPHY Francesco Bonasia // STYLING Francesco Casarotto // Jia Chenyu at Monster // HAIR AND MAKE-UP Lorenzo Zavatta at facetofaceagency and Marco Gilento using Artego // FASHION ASSISTANT Lucia Giustozzi


PHOTOGRAPHY Jesse May Fisher // STYLING Elle Fell // MAKE-UP Akua Allen // MODEL Ololade ‘Lola’ at Select

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