Young Bloods: the Barbarella-inspired futuristic shoot

Deconstructing sci-fi fashion in X-Transference Pill.

As sci-fi as lingerie gets, Barbarella’s spacesuit features translucent plastic in all the right places. Finding inspiration in the Chamber of Dreams, photographer Alessandro Lo Faro teamed up with stylist Giorgio Branduardi to create a Jane Fonda-worthy atmosphere.

Heading deep into the year 4000, Lo Faro and Branduardi created a sharp sartorial take on the ’68 Roger Vadim cult film, featuring blonde bumped up ‘dos, shimmering platform boots and more latex than you could ever dream of. We meet the creative minds behind the shoot and talk X-Transference Pill and the future of fashion…

How would you describe the shoot in 3 words?

Sixties, futurism, seduction.

What was the inspiration behind the concept of the shoot?

This story is called Exaltation Transference Pill (short: X-Transference Pill) and take inspiration from the movie Barbarella with Jane Fonda. You can check this scene in case you’ve never watched it before. Started from this we wanted to recall the futurism of the 60s, the veiled sensuality of the film and a pop aesthetic.


What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is a way to live a fantasy, to recreate and reinterpret a world in your own way, as we did in this sixties futuristic story. No idea is wrong in fashion and inspiration can be found everywhere, like a movie, a painting or Jane Fonda’s beauty and outfits in Barbarella.

29 November 2019