13 Reasons to buy Hunger issue 13

Welcome to our Mad World.

[T]he wait is over, welcome to our mad world. For issue 13 of Hunger we continue to dissect the world around us now, escaping into the madness and surrealism of glamour in an ever-austere world while cutting through the political and societal climate with interviews that are hard-hitting and relevant. This is our interpretation of our mad world, and here are 13 reasons why you need to own it.

1: Our Cover Stars

For this issue we’ve gone A-list, featuring Elizabeth Olsen, Dakota Fanning and Chadwick Boseman. Elizabeth Olsen, shot as you’ve never seen her before by Nadia Lee Cohen, turns Hitchcock heroine and discusses how society now affects her film choices and her treatment as a woman in Hollywood while Dakota Fanning, shot by Rankin, talks legacy and the need for further discussion around mental health, a subject that she delves into while filming The Bell Jar. Our third cover star Chadwick Boseman, who was shot in LA by Neil Krug, talks us through the significance of his roles in Marshall and Black Panther and breaks down the depiction of black experience in film today.

2: The Limited Edition Rankin Cover

But that’s not all on the cover front. For this issue Rankin and Andrew Gallimore team up once again for a limited edition beauty cover depicting our mad world. Inspired by fake news and the white noise around us the image uses news clipping letters to spell out Mad World atop an open, aghast mouth. The cover is a limited run, so if you want one for your collection, be quick.

3: Public Outcry

This issue’s guest art editors are Public Outcry, a brand new London-based art collective intent on bringing positive, but radical change to the world around them through the power of creativity. “I want to challenge what it means to be an activist in 2017,” says founder Ollie Olanipekun. Our features director Lily Silverton talks through the concept with them, while we also feature Public Outcry collaborators Amal Khalaf and Kandis Williams.

4: #NoFilter Collections Story

We can’t discuss our mad world without discussing our digital world. In his editor’s letter Rankin mediates on smartphones, filters and digital manipulation. “All of this ‘fun’ allows an entire generation to manipulate their face in a way that actually enhances it. The eye colour or size, skin blemishes, face and body shape; basically whatever you want can be changed with the flick of a button,” he says. This idea inspired this season’s collections story: #NoFilter, with Rankin using Snapchat style filters that match each collection. Styled by Kim Howells and Stevie Westgarth, it’s fashion, but not as you know it.

5: Samuel Bayer takes us back to the ’90s

One of the most referential eras for a new generation, the ’90s are the decade that just won’t quit, and nor do we want it to. Just before the explosion of the internet and social media the ’90s were responsible for some of the greatest music videos ever produced, and the man behind many of them was Samual Bayer. We catch up with Samuel to hear about his first ever music video, Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, and talk Kurt, Courtney, David Bowie and the power of nostalgia.

6: Metamorphosis

Beauty is never basic in Hunger and in this issue we’ve gone to extremes starting with Greg Kadel’s mesmerising Metamorphosis.

7: Cole Sprouse

Fast becoming a millennial mouthpiece actor and photographer Cole Sprouse is on his way to mega-stardom. And it’s no surprise really; the 25-year-old has been in the spotlight since he was eight months old. We catch up with Cole in LA to talk privilege, politics and avoiding the fate of car crash child stars.

8: Home Sweet Home

Regular Hunger contributor Scarlett Carlos-Clarke is back for this issue and here teams up with stylist Ellie Witt for a look behind the keyhole in fashion story, Home Sweet Home.

9: The Unstoppable Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh can do no wrong. The creative polymath and Off-White designer is surfing wave after wave of success in the fashion industry and here sits down with writer Jessica Bumpus to talk us through his next moves, and how he feels about that Givenchy rumour.

10: Doorway to Destiny

Visual artist Philipp Price is known for her trippy, experimental films and live shows – she was the brains behind Rihanna’s epic BRITs light show performance of “Work”. For Hunger’s Mad World though she turns her attention to the camera, shooting Doorway to Destiny, a fashion and beauty story inspired by 70s talent shows.

11: The Imaginarium

Hunger’s menswear editor Stevie Westgarth travels up north to Cumbria for The Imaginarium, a menswear story based on the 1930s circus performers. Allow your eyes to be deceived.

12: Sergei Polunin

Shot by Rankin, the former ‘bad-boy of ballet’ Sergei Polunin opens up about his reputation,battling his demons and his onscreen debut in Murder on the Orient Express this November.

13: All That Glitters

Hunger’s fashion director teams up with photographer Andrew Yee to create the sumptuous All That Glitters, a reimagining of mystical mermaids.

Hunger issue 13, Mad World, is out now available in all newsagents and online here