20 Times Noughties Fashion Campaigns Got It Right

No, the 00s weren't all double denim and tank tops.

[T]he noughties were a weird time for fashion: with celebs wearing double denim on the red carpet and the rise of fast fashion taking it’s toll. But, where there’s Prada and Gucci there’s always a way to bring high fashion back to its artistic roots. The collaborations of some of the world’s best models, photographers and designers are at their height of creativity in the 2000s: from Steven Meisel’s erotic and hyperreal shots being a common choice for brands to lo-fi meets Y2K vibes reaching new levels.

Prada’s iconic 2000 voyeuristic campaigns followed characters, some faceless, in their everyday lives: shot by Robert Wyatt, the Spring Summer campaigns watched a couple arguing, their dull expressions offset by their exquisitely tailored full Prada looks.

Prada SS 2000

Prada Spring/Summer 2000 by Robert Wyatt

D&G tapped into the burgeoning tech-obsessed era with the help of Steven Meisel’s sharply focused imagery: modelled by supermodel of the moment Gisele Bundchen in an eerie stalkery setting, Meisel captured fashion’s growing love of technology. Little did they know what was yet to come…

Dolce and Gabbana SS 2003

Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2003 by Steven Klein

2001 saw Chanel pairing their campaigns back to a 35mm-film-esque aesthetic: their ads were made up of a duo of pics – something everyday like a plain wall or a traffic light and a luxurious piece from the S/S collection. Ingeniously simple, it was the start of 00’s love of lo-fi, a vibe present in fashion to this very day.

Chanel 2001

Chanel Spring/Summer 2001 by Angela Lindvall

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