Five Insta-artists exploring womanhood and femininity

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[T]he rise of the ‘Instagram artist’ is a contentious subject. Should we be interacting with the work IRL? Or is our experience heightened on a screen?  The Great Women Artists: Women on Instagram, a new exhibit which opens next month, poses this very question. Curated by Katy Hessel, founder of @thegreatwomenartists, the space at Mother London will showcase fifteen UK-based female artists who have used Instagram as a platform to forge their careers and explore an array of themes from feminism and form to womanhood, sexuality and politics.

Totalling over 600,000 followers between them, talent includes Juno Calypso’s photography constructing femininity and Alice Aedy’s photojournalistic-style portraits to Gucci’s go-to illustrator Unskilled Worker. Katy says: “The exhibition will give art lovers who interact with the app, an opportunity to explore the depth and heightened meaning behind works that are usually reduced to a fleeting digital image on a smartphone screen”. Below we’ve picked the next-gen female illustrators, featured in the exhibit, you need to follow stat…


Manjit Thapp – @MANJITTHAPP

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Charlotte Edey – @EDEY

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Gill Button  – @BUTTONFRUIT

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