15 December 2016

A dreamy fashion story from NYC’s iL Gemini exploring our duality

Gemini power moves.

[W]e first met fashion fantasist and beauty expert Johnny Cassanova a few months back.   When he’s not busy being extremely decadent, he’s part of NYC fashion duo, iL Gemini with former stylist and self-portrait artist, Faustina Rose.

Here, iL Gemini shares their latest fashion story – an otherworldly exploration of our duality, in beautiful blue, purple and neutral shades.

Faustina - TOP AND TROUSERS by Andrew Morrison | TIGHTS by Nicolas Messina | RING by Jennifer Fisher | RING by Jade Chiu |
Johnny - COAT by Andrew Morrison

DRESS by Nicopanda | GLOVES by Lacrasia | EARRINGS by Laruicci | SHOES by Giannico

SHIRT by Comme des Garçon | DRESS (worn as trousers) by Dusica Dusica | SHOES by Nicopanda

DRESS by Christopher Quarterman | SHOES by Jenny Chen

Faustina - TOP AND DRESS by Jose Duran | SKIRT by Alison Kaba | EARRINGS by Laurel Dewitt | SHOES by Gedebe | Johnny - COLLAR AND JACKET by Dusica Dusica | TOP AND SKIRT by Jose Duran | SWEATER by Nicopanda | SHOES by Thome Brown

TOP by Shock Vintage for DRTY SMMR | LATEX BRA by Tableaux Vivants | SKIRT by Sylvio Roubertto Kovacic | BELTS Dusica Dusica

Johnny - TOP by Alison Kaba | JUMPSUIT by Marcela Toro | SHOES by Nicopanda

DRESS by Hana Holquist

BLAZER by Comme des Garçons | JACKET by Balmain | HAT AND SHIRT by Andrew Morrison | CORSET by Maison Close | SKIRT by Sylvio Roubertto Kovaic | BRALETTE by Skingraft | TROUSERS by The North Face | SHOES by Nicopanda

DRESS by Pamela Dennis | GOWN (as vest) by Christopher Quarterman | HAT by The Season | SILVER EARRING by Qiyada | HORN EARRING by Rachel Mulherin | SHOES by Dusica Dusica