Boogie Nights: The last days of disco and debauchery at Studio 54

The hub of hedonism.

[“][T]o really understand how Studio 54 came to be, you first need to look back at its time,” notes cultural critic Paul Goldberger. “Which now, it seems, almost every-one wants to do.” The iconic New York hub of hedonism in the 70s broke all the rules – drugs, sex et cetera – and became known for its disco-glam dress code from the world’s most famous just as much as the star-studded debauchery.

“I had more fun at Studio 54 than in any other nightclub in the world,” designer Diane Von Furstenberg says. “I would have dinner with my children, put on my cowboy boots, take my Mercedes, park in the garage next door, go in for a couple of hours, find someone, and leave.”

In the first official book on the legendary nightclub, co-owner Ian Schrager presents a mega volume brimming with candid vintage celebrity snaps including Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger, Stevie Wonder and Liza Minnelli (available to buy here).



See a selection of photos from the book in our gallery below…