APHID’s London Muses: Hunger Exclusive

Feminist fashion at its best.

[T]he name itself says it all, APHID is a brand centered around women’s empowerment through powerful designs. Its namesake is female insect colonies, who reproduce identical replicas of themselves without the need for males, APHID makes its mantra clear from the get-go. Launched in 2016 by long-time collaborators Bernadette Bull and Carl Starling, they aimed to create clothes which embody their feminism and design concepts – “exploring form and framing the contrast between an intriguing penchant for darkness and a person’s individual light”.

In collaboration with a selection of creative up-and-comers, APHID exclusively announced their London Muses Project. Working with a select few muses who both inspire and embody the brand’s ethos, the project seeks to look at how various aesthetics and personalities interpret the garments in diverse ways. In order to do this authentically, the muses select clothes and style themselves, creating a look that’s personal to the models and embodies APHID’s feminist exploration of strength in self through creative expression.

Shot by Lusha Alic, a London based photographer and film maker who recently photographed icons like Tyler the Creator and Luka Sabbat, and featuring her girlfriend Aqilah Azmi and artist-model Tiffany Chan, the project exudes London style. Lusha brings her distinctly raw yet lucid aesthetic to the collection, creating new takes on the classically tailored pieces from APHID.

Hunger have been given an exclusive first look at this exciting new project, so check it out in the gallery below.

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