19 September 2017

Ashish SS18: Spellbinding sparkles, witchcraft and dark romance


“Only in the darkness can you see the stars,” was the Martin Luther King Jr quote that inspired Ashish’s collection for SS18. Through the darkened show-space and the scattered glittering disco balls, it sunk in how this season would leave room for more meaningful reflections.

Ashish delivers so much more than just fashion – he takes you on a journey. Not just a journey through his stunning designs and fashion, but also one through the set design, the styling, the casting and the beauty. He is a voice for people who struggle to be heard and he speaks loud for an industry that can be silent.

To the sound of the harp being played so delicately the models slowly walked down the runway all barefoot with beautiful anklets, and draped in delicate jewellery, it was clear the mood has changed this season. The eerie essence of witchcraft was noticeable throughout, mainly due to the “witch” slogan tees, and embellished hoodie “good mourning”.

But just as these slogans were captivating the mystical mayhem trend we have seen this season, they also reflected on our current state of affairs “a heart is a heavy burden” and “rest in peace” being a real stand out messages to the world. As the slogans spoke so did the beautiful tonal colour pallet, embellished black gowns, sliver sequined skirts, and cosmic patterned two pieces alongside splashes of reds and golds it felt to be a reflection of the state of the world today – dark, but with hope.

This season we seem to be looking out towards the stars, wishing away from what we have here and looking for something distant and hopeful. The voices of fashion have spoken, a rebellious and reflective veil has been cast over this spring/summer 2018 but it’s through designers like Ashish that hope is on the horizon.