Braids and Beads: Capturing the beauty of Ghana’s hairstyles

Created with love.

[F]rom Solange’s sculptural styles (created by Shani Crowe), to Zoe Kravitz’s platinum ‘do – braids are having a pop culture moment right now. But it’s their rich cultural history that Nigerian model and creative director Nneka Ibeabuchi wants to remind us of.

Inspired by a recent trip to Ghana, Nneka’s ‘Braids and Beads’ series celebrates the unique braiding techniques of the region, incorporating krobo beads and intricate patterns. “The Ghanian braiding technique is incredible, they take so much time with their braiding” Nneka says, “They approach it with so much love.”

Complemented with pop colour eye shades, it’s a look made for summer – and a joyful celebration of African pride.

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