24 October 2016

Building a portrait of a generation, NYC impressions from Anna Bloda

"I love her for her chameleon face and being sexy and bitchy"

[A]nna Bloda is a shit-hot photographer from Poland. Living in New York, Anna seeks out her subjects in the city “I find my models on the subway, in bars, on the street. I am building a portrait of a generation, a visual record of the very times that I am living in, while also asking certain questions – what is gender? What is sexuality? And then exploring how these issues are manifested in the body”.

Anna uses seismic colours and contemporary styling to create images that feel very much of the moment, an insight into a generation who grew up in front of cameras with modern liberties, it tells us how we’re doing and what we can expect from the future. Looking at her range of images, it’s hard not to feel quietly optimistic about what creative ventures and freedoms are already being put into motion.

We caught up with Anna over the weekend to see what she’s doing and how she chooses her subjects. Follow her on Instagtam @AnnaBloda.


Hey Anna, what kind of stuff do you like to take pictures of?

I love everything that’s connected to nudity and extraordinary looks.

Cool, how did you meet Halle Cherry? (above)

We met at a Santigold concert. She had green hair and I was immediatety fascinated with her beauty and the way she was acting. We exchanged contacts and met a few months later to shoot.

Is there anyone else you would really like to shoot?

Yes, I have a long list of peopel who are my personal muses. I love India Menuez for her incredible personality and grace, Alexandra Marzella for her chameleon face and Dana Wright for being incredibly sexy and bitchy.

All excellent. Are you working on anything at the moment we can look forward to?

Yes, I’m working on a photoshoot with Sita Abellan. This is a personal project called “Adam and Eve”. It’s all about modern lovers, and new generation people trendsetters and revolutionists.

Cool, thanks Anna!