Colour Therapy: The feel-good art exhibition you need to see

Harmonics in Space.

[F]red Butler is the prop artist merging avant-gardism and wellness, unveiling a new must-see show to lift you out of your winter blues. Harmonics in Space at the NOW Gallery explores colour coding and how different palettes affect moods, emotions and daily life.

“We need a balance of all the colour vibrations in sunlight to nourish us energetically,” according to Fred. “Colour is intrinsic to my practice and I want to use that tool to attract, inspire and excite a new audience to NOW Gallery making it a true destination with this playful installation.”

Shining the spotlight on self-care has become more important than ever, in an age of digital-distraction, where switching off seems near impossible. With the addition of a tactile floor and iridescent shimmer, guests will be transported on a journey to a meditative other-world and create an exclusive colourful cosmic creature to match their moods, contemplate and make.

In keeping with the title and sensory theme of Harmonics in Space, sound is also principle; visitors will wear their own individual BEATS wireless headphones to hear feel-good soundtracks as a sonic journey through the exhibition. For more information head to

“Harmonics in Space” by Fred Butler, NOW GALLERY, GREENWICH PENINSULA, opening 28th February – 29th April 2018