Diane Kordas is the jewellery designer finding inspiration in mythology

Emotion and opulence.

[I]f you like your jewellery modern, opulent and meaningful – then Diane Kordas is a name you need to know.  Taking inspiration from the “strength, symmetry and simplicity” found in Ancient Greek and Roman mythology, Diane’s collections celebrate the spiritual significance of jewellery and how we connect with it emotionally.

Whether it be a memorable scent captured in a vial, or a name of a loved one engraved into your favourite bracelet, Kordas encourages us to wear our hearts on our sleeves and communicate our emotions through our accessories. From releasing your inner bad girl with leather chokers, to embracing your fun-loving free spirit with diamond encrusted ‘Yolo’ necklaces, Kordas’ jewellery caters for every emotion.

We met with Diane to discuss the influence of spirituality on her designs, travelling and sustainability.

How did you get started as a jewellery designer?

Sometimes the best things happen by chance. As a graduate of Parsons School of Design, I have always been passionate about fashion, design and luxury. I was constantly reworking jewellery pieces to suit my aesthetic and realized there was a gap in the market for jewellery which was modern and easy yet glamourous.

You take inspiration from Greek and Roman mythology for your collections – how do these ancient beliefs inform your designs?

Greek and Roman history, philosophy and architecture often inspire my collections. My Geometric and Armour pieces strongly reference the visual strength, symmetry, simplicity and clear delineation of lines which define that incredible era.

Can jewellery have a deeper spiritual meaning and significance?

Absolutely! My Amulette collection is an example of meaningful personalised jewellery as the concealed phials are to be filled with your signature scent or that of a loved one. Scent is the strongest communicator and unwaveringly tied to our emotions. The Amulette encases something powerful and the beauty of capturing a personal scent links the essence of the fragrance to the jewellery.

Travelling is a big influence on your work – where are some of the most inspiring places you’ve been?

Most recently I would say Sedona in Arizona. I found this area particularly inspiring given the connection with vortices and the amazing physical beauty of the magnificent iron-rich rock formations.

The Cycladic Islands in Greece are always inspiring with their incredible light and energy. The ragged landscape of Iceland is also a place that has left a strong impression, the angular shapes of the terrain are referenced in my Eclipse Collection.

Your pieces range a lot in style from your sleek and sophisticated diamond bar chokers to your more cheeky ‘YOLO’ necklaces – is it important to you to make pieces that are accessible to a wide range of people?

I want to make sure that there is a piece of jewellery for everyone! My designs have no age constraints, whether it’s an Amulette, Pop Art ring or a titanium bracelet from my Cosmos collection. There is no dress code for my designs as the pieces can be worn from morning to evening.

Do you think fine jewellery is becoming more accessible to people in general?

For sure! The evolution of the internet, e-commerce and digital marketing has had a massive impact in showcasing new designers at all prices levels to the wider public.

Fine jewellery is no longer only to be worn once a year for a special occasion, I wanted to create pieces that can also be incorporated into the everyday.

Is sustainability and ethical production important to you?

Without a doubt. Top quality, non-conflict diamonds and production in countries where exports are of huge importance to the local economy are fundamental guidelines in my business practice.

Which piece of jewellery that you’ve designed do you love the most?

I’m so lucky to design pieces which I really love, so this is a very difficult question. I constantly wear my diamond Amulettes, along with my classic diamond hoops and Charm Rings.

Thanks Diane!

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