Dirty Live: Rita Ora – Poison

She's back at Hunger HQ and better than ever...

[E]arlier this week we revealed our latest shoot and in depth interview with the inimitable Rita Ora. Gearing up to release her second album and with her latest single “Poison” out on Sunday, Rita is fully embarking on chapter two of her already phenomenal career.

So what can we expect from her new material? “I’ve grown up. I think I’ve got more to say because I’m older, but I haven’t changed personally”, she says. “I think humans change always, but I don’t think we completely forget. I don’t forget where I’m from, or what I’ve done. I’m still the same daughter I was to my mother, but I’m an evolved artist and that shows. This album shows my improvement as a storyteller.”

We last had Rita in the Hunger studios when she graced the cover of Issue 4 and we created a Dirty Video for Facemelt. Now back in Hunger HQ and better than ever, our Creative Director Vicky Lawton took the reins for this live version of the latest single.

Rita Ora will be performing at Wireless Festival this weekend. For more info visit her website.

And don’t forget to stay tuned to Hunger for more from Rita in the next few days…