14 September 2017

Discovering Barcelona’s notorious graffiti scene

Where to find hidden street art gems.

Barcelona is a street artist’s dream come true: with vibrant colours popping on derelict walls, to murals painted on shop fronts, all you have to do is turn a corner and they’ll be a new piece for you to experience. The city of urban art even has Murs Lliures, which are free walls for amateurs to create work without getting in trouble (though that doesn’t stop the tags from popping up all over town). This weekend is Desparados Skyfest, a crazy music festival in a secret location near Barcelona, with DJs and artists in attendance all over the world – from Honey Dijon to Jackmaster – where there will be an armada of hot air balloons, laser light show and sky high sound system. Also in attendance, are some of the best of Barcelona’s graffiti artists, and so in celebration of this, we’ve grouped together the best spots to check out what street art the city’s got to offer. Check them out below…


An 18 studio neighbourhood for musicians, writers and artists, this is one of Barcelona’s hotspots for the best street art you can find. With boldly emblazoned walls to hideaway nooks alike, you can’t help but stumble upon a treasure worthy of taking in. Not to be missed.

The graffiti corner

Right across the street from the lovely Parc del Centre del Poblenou is a graffiti haven, with art adoring walls all around, you’ll be sure to find a piece to ‘gram in no time.

La carboneria

One of the oldest buildings in Barcelona, the oldest in the Eixample district, is something that disgruntled natives have wanted to tear down for a while. But the street artists just saw it is a great opportunity to paint the town – and so it is now covered in a grand mural of a hot air ballon with varying additions graffitied on to enhance it.

The corner of C/Sant Pau and C/de la Riereta

In homage to the Catalan artist Joan Miro, street artists grouped together to create a giant mural in his style. It turned into a city wide project, which coincided with an artistic ode to him at Barcelona galleries.

The Superhero of Poblenou

Round from the graffiti corner is the Superhero of Poblenou, a huge comic-book mural on NauART’s garage door – a common street art choice for shops and organisations in Barcelona, in order to dissuade taggers and graffitists from art-ing all over their doors.

Euro Shark

The most satirical graffiti you can find in Barcelona is this big shark: three metres long and made up of paintings of euros adding up to €100, all to make a bold statement about Spain’s political corruption.

Check out Skyfest online now, Saturday 16th September in a secret Barcelona location. Click through the gallery below to see some of our fave graffiti from the city itself.