Emerging fashion photographer Thom Corbishley Captures Urban Spaces and Faces

Shot in Kennington!

[T]hom Corbishley is a fashion photographer with a difference: without so much as a change of lens, he captures everything from neon-lit trucker cafes on the outskirts of cities to sharply on-point looks in unlikely settings. At just 21, Thom’s specific eye for the perfect shot grants his photos a recognisable aesthetic, and taking inspiration from the likes of Jamie Hawkesworth and Laura Allard-Fleischl, there’s no doubt that he is a 2017 one to watch. Check out his new Hunger-exclusive shoot with model Molly Hunloke, shot in the long-planned location of a housing estate in Kennington on both 35 and 120mm film. We caught up with Thom to see what’s in store for the new year…

LEFT Coat / Stylists own // Dress / Alkemi // Trousers / Parthenis
RIGHT Dress shirt / Alkemi // Faux-fur neckpiece / Alkemi

What was the defining moment when you knew you wanted to be a photographer?

Probably during my first year of university, studying History & Politics. I’d always been torn between something creative or something typically academic. Photography had always been “just a hobby”, but I quickly realised that it was what I’d rather be doing when I graduated.

Dress shirt and faux-fur neckpiece / Alkemi

Top / Alkemi // Feather cape / Rosa Bloom

When shooting fashion photography what helps you decide the location? You seem to be drawn to urban settings, why?

Well I’ve always preferred location shoots for fashion – although I want to develop some more studio-based shoots in the future. It sounds like a cop-out, but it’s simply about finding somewhere I’ve found awe-inspiring: I like finding somewhere I feel could be the subject of a photograph on its own, without a model in the foreground. Location is as important to me as any other aspect, and I’ll often want to learn as much about that location as I can before I shoot it. And I think I’m often so drawn to urban spaces simply because I feel I was slightly deprived of urban settings to photograph when I first started photographing. I’m from rural Cambridgeshire, so I’ve been inundated by fields and meadows my entire life – now I’m overcompensating.

Coat / Stylists own // Dress / Alkemi // Trousers / Parthenis

Mesh bodysuit / Maiden

Who are your favourite photographers? Who or what image has been most influential to you?

I think my favourite photographers are constantly changing with every magazine I pick up, or website I look at. Certainly, in the last year I’ve developed a fascination with almost anything Jamie Hawkesworth does. I’ve also become pretty obsessed with Ben Rayner, Laura Allard-Fleischl and Colin Dodgson. But I honestly don’t think I could come up with one image that has influenced me more than others. However, Nobuyoshi Araki’s book The Banquet has been of particular interest to me for a long time.

Top / Alkemi // Jogging suit / Kappa // Boots / Vagabond

Top / Alkemi // Jogging suit / Kappa

If you could shoot anyone, dead or alive, who would you pick?

Err, that’s tough. Maybe Allen Ginsberg. He always seemed to sit really well for photographers like Avedon. Also, I could imagine you could have a fairly interesting conversation with him at the same time.

Dress shirt and faux-fur neckpiece / Alkemi

What changed for you as a photographer in 2016? What can we expect from you next?

Well in 2016 I moved to London. So there have been far more opportunities to photograph, as well as meet great new people, especially ones to collaborate with. But I also find London incredibly visually stimulating. I try to carry my camera with me as much as possible because I feel as though I’m constantly finding new and bizarre things to photograph just walking around the streets. So hopefully, what you can expect from me next is just more photos, more frequently.

Follow photographer Thom @thomcorbishley model @mollyshinjihunloke and stylist @magalifedele.

Top / Alkemi // Jogging suit / Kappa

Dress shirt and faux-fur neckpiece / Alkemi

Dress shirt and faux-fur neckpiece / Alkemi