Exclusive: George the Poet – Wotless

Watch George the Poet's exclusive Dirty Video for Wotless.

[A]lready having been nominated for a slew of awards and gaining further acclaim by the day, George the Poet is quickly becoming the much needed mouthpiece for a generation. “People don’t realise how powerful they are. When you realise your potential, you can affect society”, he told us in his interview for the latest issue of Hunger.

And George is harnessing his power for good, working towards building an army of empowered youths, through his words and his music. His latest EP, “The Chicken and the Egg” furthered his social message, with George stating: “it was important to me that “The Chicken and the Egg” was uncompromising and unconventional”.

Following the release of his first single, “Cat D”, today George unleashes “Wotless” on the world with an exclusive accompanying Dirty Video directed by Hunger’s creative director Vicky Lawton. “Wotless” sees George chart his evolution from school days to chart domination, and with numerous messages intertwined with his lyrics, it’s just further proof that he really is a poet for the internet generation.

See behind the scenes images from the shoot below