Exclusive: Kacy Hill – Foreign Fields

Watch Kacy Hill's video for "Foreign Fields", directed by Rankin.

[L]ast September flame-haired musician and former model Kacy Hill set the internet alight with the mesmerising video for debut track “Experience”. She was hailed as the new queen of cool and swiftly signed to Kanye West’s label, GOOD Music. Since then she has been holed away working on her debut album which will be her own brand of ‘future pop’.

“There are some negative connotations associated with saying “I write pop music” because there’s an expectation that it’s supposed to be shallow — all “let’s go to the club and put our hands up” — but I think pop music is so much more than that,” Kacy told us when we interviewed her for Hunger magazine earlier this year. “When I think of albums that I’ve listened to over and over again through the years, it’s all pop music and I think it’s cool to be able to make something that doesn’t have a time stamp on it.”

Now, almost a year after her video for “Experience” hit the net, Kacy is back. “Foreign Fields” is a taster of what’s to come, with a video directed by Rankin. Here’s to chapter two…

Foreign Fields is your first release since “Experience” last year – how have you developed as a musician since then?

I’ve spent the greater part of the last year or so in the studio and it’s given me an incredible opportunity to figure out who I am as an artist. I think the songs I’m writing now are more developed and have a real foundation, so I’m focusing on creating a body of work that’s consistent, innovative and timeless.

Talk us through the story behind “Foreign Fields” as a track?

Jack Garratt and I were put in the studio together and “Foreign Fields” was a result. There wasn’t any pressure, we got along really well and churned this track out in a few hours. Lyrically, it’s about finding people in your life that help you progress and move you forward.

And the video, how did you find collaborating with Rankin?

Rankin was an incredible collaborator. His entire team is so meticulous and he makes it so easy to be in front of the camera. I’m thankful that we were able to bring a vision to life.

You’re currently working on a debut album, what can we expect and do you feel like you have a defined sound now?

The album is leaning towards heavier live sounds, focusing on a balance between acoustic and electronic. It’s much more cinematic and structured than “Experience”, inspired by 90s alternative and classic pop songs that I grew up loving. I’m working a lot with Oskar Engström on the album and we found a sweet spot in classic pop and “cool” music that we’re trying to perfect.


You’re signed to Kanye West’s GOOD Music label – how instrumental has Kanye been in helping you shape and plan your career and sound?

Kanye is an amazing curator. I’m thankful to have GOOD Music involved in the early stages of my career because I’ve been given a great deal of freedom – something that I’m realising more and more is a massive luxury for a new artist. Kanye, as well as everyone else on GOOD, does an incredible job of letting me do my thing and then tightening the ends to put out a great product.

What’s the most useful advice that he’s given you?

Sort of indirectly, I’ve been given great advice to have my own vision instead of relying on labels, managers, producers, creative directors etc. to tell me what I should look like and what I should create. I want to create music that feels timeless instead of adhering to trends.

You’ve only released Experience previously but already seem to have a defined aesthetic, has this evolved since then? And where do you see it continuing in the future, in terms of music videos, stage shows and fashion choices?

“Experience” was so early in the stages of myself as an artist that I’ve inevitably evolved a bit. I think I had less courage to step out of the box and create myself when making “Experience”, so I’ve played around a lot with who Kacy Hill is since then. I don’t know where I’ll be in the future because that seems like too much to think of right now, but I want to bring an understated power to everything I do – fashion, live shows, and videos. I don’t think I can be anything but honest and the person that I am, so I hope to make all of my aesthetic choices some sort of representation of me at the time. I guess we’ll see how that evolves.

Find out more about Kacy on her website: www.kacyhill.com