4 April 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Take a sneak peek at these unseen Isle of Dogs visuals

True Wes Anderson style.

[W]es Anderson’s new masterpiece may have hit cinemas, but sometimes you need a closer look, and that’s just what we’ve got for you. Have sneak peek into the intricate world of Isle of Dogs in these exclusive visuals, taking you on the vibrant journey of four poochy pals: Chief, Rex, King, Boss and Duke. Following their new friend Atari on a mission to find his best friend, Spots, the squad head off on a trip across Trash Island, just outside the magical cosmopolis that is Anderson’s Megasaki. The modern auteur’s work is as aesthetically pleasing and elegantly formed as ever, and sweeps you up into his dazzling vision.

For a more detailed look into the director’s work, check out our A-Z of Wes Anderson here, and for a behind the scenes look into Isle of Dogs read our interview with the starring mutt, Bryan Cranston here.