Exclusive: Tei Shi – Bassically

Watch Tei Shi perform "Bassically" in this exclusive Dirty Live.

[F]irst infiltrating our speakers back in 2013 with her smooth, harmony-laden lo-fi track “M&Ms”, Tei Shi has steadily climbed up the ranks, releasing one infectious track after another, and is now considered one of the most exciting musicians about to crack the mainstream.

A collaboration with the super cool Glass Animals, a string of festival performances and a lauded EP, Verde, released back in April helped to catapult her to that status, but it seems that the Brooklyn-based musician is taking it all in her stride.

“I just like to write songs that I like, that I think sounds cool and that I would enjoy listening to rather than trying to write music that falls within categories I’m trying to fit in with. So I would hope that channels through with the music,” she told us. “And when everything around you changes so much, you have to make yourself the constant.”

Tei Shi is currently working on her debut album, but on a quick visit to London this summer we couldn’t help but get her into the Dirty Live studio for an exclusive performance of one of her most successful tracks to date, the synth heavy, catchy as hell “Bassically”. Enjoy.

Verde is out now