Experimental grime artist Visionist and Xiao-Wei Lu release surreal fashion film

Fashion and experimental filmmaking collide.

[L]ondon-based experimental musician Visionist—real name Louis Carnell – has teamed up with emerging director Xiao-Wei Lu to produce a visually rich fashion film entitled ‘Fern’, premiering exclusively on Hunger today. Heavily inspired by Visionist’s dark grime music Fern tells “a nightmarish tale of a relationship between two young lovers.” The sartorial mood, styled by Daisy Deane, is a mix of gender fluid silhouettes fused with contemporary streetwear from labels including Songzio, MM6 Maison Martin Margeila, Nikita Karisma and Ufo Town.

“My film and photography work have always been based around the distorted perception of reality and consciousness,” Xiao-Wei Lu tells us. “Largely based on my own experience of living with memory fragmentation and anxiety in the past.  I find it fascinating how a sense of being in control could simply be tipped over the edge by the tiniest trigger, with our emotional and physical state being influenced by disruptive thoughts.”

“When writing music for film I feel that the main process is to emphasise the emotional output of the image,” Visionist adds. “Working from an emotive narrative is my strength so this film leant itself to my practice. It was important for me to show my consistent stylistic approach throughout the film. I enjoy the way Lu works in surrealism; a freedom to experiment and explore.” Check out the video for the first time below…