Exploring fluid femininity with watercolour artist Fahren Feingold

Ethereal erotica.

[D]rawing on influences as diverse as vintage French erotica, classic fashion illustration and Instagram It Girls, watercolour artist Fahren Feingold paints a broad picture of femininity.

With a background in fashion design Feingold channels an intimate understanding of the female form into erotic but empowering images. By emphasising pastel colours, Feingold imbues each image with an abstract, dreamlike quality that encourages the viewer to consider the shifting nature of femininity in 2018. In doing so, the artist challenges such societal constructs as censorship, patriarchal politics and shaming.

Fahren Feingold’s latest exhibition, The Peep Show, opens at the Fleur du Mal pop-up space, 175 Mott Street, New York on 2 June. See a selection of images below.