30 August 2017

Falyn Huang finds the beauty in otherness

A Chicago photographer we love.

[F]alyn Huang is Chicago based photographer and make-up artist pushing the boundaries of the fashion image. Exploring our ideas about beauty and our difficulty in accepting other ways of seeing the world – Falyn’s striking photography plays with the surreal.

Distorting reality, the Taiwanese-American creative casts a diverse and vibrant group of characters to bring her stories to life, celebrating our otherness. For her, it’s the grey areas of life that are of interest – not black and white ideas about who we are.

Growing up as the daughter of an artist, she started her career as a painter, before turning to photography and make-up. Her artful images draw the viewer into a theatrical world full of colour and detail. It’s a refreshing break from the normative, full of whimsy, humour and imagination.

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