Fear, peace and purity, shapeshifting photography by Marco Pietracupa

The Italian photographer's first monograph, Shapeshifter is out now.

[M]arco Pietracupa’s first monograph, Shapeshifter, is a collection of images that describes the Italian photographer’s experience of the world around him. The collection of images are alternately abstract and descriptive, showing us exactly what the artist sees, but also communicating feelings of uncertainty, angst, fear, peace and purity.

Through naked bodies, found objects and the natural world, Marco creates a dreamlike narrative where a series of dissonant images describe the chaos and contrast of the world we live in. Known also for his fashion editorials and portraits Shapeshifter is the result of Marco’s mind allowed to work without the constraints of a product, specific subject or brief. The resultant images are abstract, beautiful and non-conforming. See a series of images from Shapeshifter below, buy the book here and follow Marco here.

Shapeshifter is produced by Marsèll, in collaboration with Virginia Devoto, published by Yardpress and designed by Dallas. Introductory texts are by Sara Dolfi Agostini and one by Francesco Tenaglia. Visit Marco’s website here.