1 February 2018

Five digital artists inspired by Afrofuturism

Space is the place.

[B]ringing together science fiction, fantasy and magical realism, Afrofuturism is an aesthetic that imagines endless possibilities for the African diaspora. A vision of the future referenced by artists from Sun Ra and Erykah Badu to Jean-Michel Basquiat, behind the cosmic visuals of galaxies and space ships, lies a critique of society. The alien a deeper metaphor for the ‘Other’, a vehicle for greater aspirations and progress than the physical world will allow.

Brought to life on screen this year in Marvel’s Black Panther, the afrofuturist aesthetic finds natural expression in the world of digital artists today. From Jamaica to Kenya, below are some of our favourite image makers right now showing that space is indeed the place.

"Exodus III" || #artxman

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Break of Dawn #tenfold #illustration #goodmorning

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Immortality Muse: Fernando Cabrol Mixed Media Artwork, me.

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Khan Nova