19 January 2018

Five photographers re-writing the rulebook on colour

Humans can perceive 10 million different colours.

[F]rom colour-blocking to neon dreamlands and abstract black and white portraits, when it comes to expression, colour is almost as important as content. Here, we choose five of our favourite photographers owning their colour aesthetic.


"I’m shooting I try to see my subjects as shapes … a red square, a green circle, a blue rectangle … I want the person to become a part of the composition."

Black and White – JOshua Olley

"There is so much more latitude with black and white film compared to color film. With black and white film you have a huge amount of control when developing and it’s much more malleable which is fascinating."

Pastels – Maya Fuhr

"Photography has always been my form of self expression and idea of reality. All my memories basically exist from childhood photos or photos I’ve created.”

Neon – Elsa Bleda

"From my favourite movie Blade Runner to Dario Argento’s gothic cinema and David Lynch’s elusive vision, there are so many works out there that appeal to my aesthetic."