23 February 2018

Five photographers redefining femininity

In empowering and inspiring ways.

[T]he narrow constraints of gender identity are being challenged and expanded by a new generation of creatives. No longer do we want to accept images that objectify and reduce us to anything less than who we truly are. We are taking control of how we are represented and what we choose to consume. What femininity means to each of us is different, deeply personal and constantly evolving. Here are some of the most inspiring photographers exploring womanhood in 2018.

Jasmine Deporta

Jasmine Deporta is a young Italian photographer whose gauzy, analogue images resonate with a gentle and inviting femininity. You might have seen her ‘Sofasafari’ series on Tumblr – featuring mysterious young women immaculately coordinated with secondhand sofas in desaturated pastel tones. Whether transporting us into hazy domestic settings, or gardens overflowing with flowers in bloom, Jasmine crafts a soothing world we’d love to escape to. For Jasmine, her photography is an exploration of her own personal strength and journey as a woman.

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Renell Medrano

Growing up in the Bronx surrounded by her mother’s analogue camera collection, Renell Medrano developed a love of film photography as a teenager. Switching seamlessly between 35mm and digital – Renell brings a raw, emotional feel to her portraiture and fashion images. Drawn to colour and spontaneous moments, the Parsons graduate shoots Instagram icons with a refreshing sense of honesty and intimacy.

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Bringing a touch of modern surrealism to the California desert, Lefawnhawk is a creative director and transmedia artist with a beautifully honed aesthetic. Drawn to the ethereal and sculptural, the mysterious LA-based artist creates sublime female fashion portraits, remarkable for their minimalism and elegance.

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Flora McClean

Flora Maclean’s images leave you wondering what happened before and after. The London based photographer approaches still life, documentary and portraiture with a cinematic feel and a graphical eye. Leaving behind a career as a menswear designer to pursue her passion. From a landmark series illustrating the stories of survivors of domestic abuse, to smashing gender stereotypes in ‘Every Player Counts’, a celebration of women’s football in the UK –  Flora has used her photography to draw attention to important subjects.

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Luo Yang

Luo Yang is photographer based in Shanghai. Her series “GIRLS” challenges the perceptions of Chinese women in the media, not just in China but in Western society too. The series of intimate portraits recasts Chinese women in a position of autonomy over their body, self-image and sexuality.

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