Five Royal College of Art MA grad designers to get on your radar

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[F]rom Dada-inspired garms to the designers seeking a return to slow fashion, here’s the RCA MA graduate designers to watch…


The collection a nutshell? “Mundanity, banality, Dada. An attempt at creating a deeply desirable hyperreality that derives from my own surroundings. A world that emerges from observing, catching and translating the everyday. Triviality, mundanity, ephemera. A 21st century Dada.”

What does the future of fashion look like? “Divided between an old history that it may never shake off and new techniques that will have to be mastered aesthetically first.”


What is the inspiration behind your final collection?

“Growing up with toxic fashion and beauty media representations of the female body in the late ‘90s/2000s has made me hyper aware of the lack of space for the body in the fashion industry. I aim to make space for the body within the system that is supposed to clothe it. I also wish to evoke the vulnerability of our perceptions of our own body through these pieces.”


What are your biggest influences? “I was raised in a socialist town in Slovenia which was built during the communist regime. I was surrounded by sterile, concrete structures, with no art history or direction. This is where my inspiration and passion for the arts was born.Later on,my passion for art history grew exponentially and I immersed myself in it. Life taught me to correlate ornaments with my beautiful childhood memories. This developed my admiration and appreciation of 17th and 18th century Baroque-style architecture”

What is the inspiration behind your final collection?

“I was, and still am, obsessed with Christmas and all the magic around it. Since childhood, I imagined how marvellous it would be to inhabit the body of a miniature person and live inside a Christmas tree, surrounded by sparkles, lights, reflections and colours.”


The collection in a nutshell? “My collection is a study of emotional vulnerability through the analysis of gestures framed within intimate fragments of reality. I want my clothes to feel like a fragile memory of a moment you want to treasure.”

What does the future of fashion look like? Hopefully more human.


What is the inspiration behind your final collection?

Climate, weather and non-material forces. Reading about climate change and the anthropocene led me to a deep understanding of how precious and constantly fluctuating our environment is. I wanted to materialise this constant flow through infinite lines and dynamic form around the body. By using all natural fibres and colour pigment from various types of wood and plant, my pieces are natural in every sense of the word to manifest the beauty straight from nature.

What does the future of fashion look like?

Seasonless and slower. Conscious and radical.