Frank Nitty is the GIF artist deconstructing fashion

Addictive visuals.

[F]rank Nitty is the artist behind some of our favourite GIFs or as he calls them, ‘video doodles’.  You’ve probably experienced some of his magic via the visuals he has created for the likes of Gucci, Burberry and Linda Farrow.

Combining wit and surrealism with fashion and beauty photography, Frank’s obsession is creating the unexpected – “I stare at images for hours sometimes and I try to challenge myself to come up with crazy shit I just haven’t seen before. It’s an idea factory.”

The Hong Kong based Art Director is fascinated by the idea of subverting traditional advertising – making the body an absurdist canvas for his hypnotic collages. “I’m always kind of talking to the fashion and luxury industry.. like.. ‘Hey I’m out here.. look at what I’m doing trying to mess with people’s heads’. This social media stuff is basically a testing ground for what I’m trying to communicate to these advertisers. I want to get them ready. I love advertising. It’s all art to me.”

For more addictive visual inspiration – follow Frank on Instagram @franknitty3000 and see more of his work in the moving image gallery below.