29 November 2017

Minimalism in colour by John Pawson

From Marfa to Marrakech.

[A]s an architect, John Pawson is known for his minimalist aesthetic and stark white colour palette. It might be a surprise to find then, that the inspiration for his designs comes from a much more colourful place.

Collecting 320 of Pawson’s images in one place, Spectrum (published by Phaidon) is a journey through the architect’s photography archive, captured on his travels around the world. Rich in colour, with a meticulous approach to composition, Pawson’s images reveal the textures, patterns and details that inform his aesthetic. From Mayfair to Marrakech to Marfa, each visual is a study in simplicity and balance, presenting an unexpected and beautiful view on the familiar.

Explore his photographs below, and find out more about Spectrum from Phaidon.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marfa, Texas