16 August 2016

Hunger Magazine covers reimagined by Paola Arena

The artist behind @PimpMyMag pimps us out.

[W]e teamed up with Paola Arena, the artist behind @pimp_my_mag for a collaboration on our current issue Hunger 10. Shedding new light to the covers Paola re-imagined our cover stars Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Maddie Ziegler and Jack O’Connell in a whole new world. We caught up with the Paola to quiz her on her artistry and what’s next for Pimp my Mag.

When did you start designing illustrations?

I never stop drawing since I was a little girl. I have accumulated stacks of sketches over the years and given rise to countless illustration projects. PIMP MY MAG was born a few months ago for fun. I found myself browsing my copy of Lampoon Magazine when I started painting on the pages with my Posca. I didn’t plan things in advance. I wasn’t thinking about drawing, I just let it happen. I started improvising guided by instinct. Now PIMP MY MAG has become a personal artistic project.

How would you define your illustration and art style?

Pop, sometimes cartoonist, surreal, colourful.

What inspires your work?

All the images that I choose to PIMP inspire me in some way, evoking suggestions of imaginary worlds and pushing me to create new visions. My work is a constant research for inspiration.

What methods and materials do you use to create your illustrations?

My ideas for each project change for every trio of images I create. I choose a mood and a concept then sketch my vision straight onto the pages with pencil before using my Posca markers.

What’s been some of your favourite work and collaborations so far?

I really loved pimping Quattrocento sunglasses SS16 Campaign. The real challenge was being able to create a personal vision of the Pop- Renaissance aesthetic chosen by Quattrocento that was expression both of my personal artistic style and Quattrocento’s brand identity.

Where do you hope your art work will take you?

In front of the greatest possible number of people.