26 April 2018

HUNGER PREMIERE: Polychrome drop Ryan Gosling-dedicated chromatic track

Check out 'Dreaming About You' here now.

[G]eneration Z’s answer to the Cocteau Twins are East London’s Polychrome: electronic with the spirit of gothic-art-rock, Victoria and Oliver joined together to create a new innovative sound. Premiering their new single with HUNGER, the pair have released ‘Dreaming About You’ from their self-titled debut album due out soon. A captivating track, it’s “warm, thick synths…allow us to explore more of the expansive, hued landscape of the album”.

And only one person is dreamy enough for this enchanting song to be inspired by, none other than Mr Ryan Gosling himself. Vicky explained to HUNGER:

“Well it’s a little embarrassing to tell the truth about this song, but it’s sort of a love song to Ryan Gosling… We were goofing around in the studio, Olly was teasing me about my crush on him, pretending to be him singing a song to me, and so I started singing along. Pretty soon we had the whole song and when we listened to it back on our Dictaphone we thought, this is actually pretty catchy! And so it became ‘Dreaming About you’, for you Ryan, if your listening ;)”

Check out the catchy new track below, check the duo out on Spotify here and follow Polychrome on Instagram here