Hunger Wants: Le Monde Beryl x Mola Sasa

Artisanal opulence.

[L]e Monde Beryl’s dreamy flats first came on our radar last year. The London based brand create opulent shoes inspired by Venetian gondoliers and the silk route. Now they’re embracing a little Latin American flavour, via a new SS18 collab with accessories brand Mola Sasa.

Featuring a signature mola sasa print in options of red and blue, or yellow, gold and black, the slippers are produced by local artisans in Columbia and Panama. The layered applique technique used has been passed down through generations, an artform Mola Sasa are working hard to preserve through giving craftspeople in the region access to the global market. Fashion with a purpose? We’re here for it.

The Le Monde Beryl x Mola Sasa collaboration is available to buy now from