The Interview: Bryan Ferry

Watch our interview from Issue 5 with music legend, Bryan Ferry.

[I]t’s been four decades since Roxy Music first appeared on Top of the Pops. It was 1972, and the ultramodern glam rock act, fronted by Bryan Ferry, performed their debut single “Virginia Plain”. It was avant-garde and unlike any other music occupying the mainstream at the time. To this day Ferry, who’s a firm believer in “trying new things”, has relentlessly produced, recorded and performed, never repeating himself. Just at the beginning of this year, he ended up making music for The Great Gatsby soundtrack, after director Baz Luhrmann heard a track from his recent album, The Jazz Age, and thought it embodied the essence of the film.

When Ferry paid a visit to Rankin’s studio for his cover shoot, we caught up with the maestro who has changed the face of British rock.

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