5 December 2016

Introducing PATH, a Beijing-Berlin based menswear label that will redefine what you think about “made in china”

East meets West, literally.

[P]ATH is a fashion label redefining the rules of contemporary menswear. The Berlin-Beijing based label takes the oft-imitated East meets West aesthetic and cements it with authenticity, radical new cuts (asymmetric collars, open seam trousers) and a cyberpunk influenced lookbook to deliver a brand that speaks resolutely with new-age fashion-forward menswear. We spoke to creative director, founder and owner of PATH, Janine Grosche to learn a bit more about the DNA of the brand and how technology and fashion are colliding together for a better, more interesting and sustainable future.

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Hi Janine, tell us about PATH...what's at the core of this label?

The most important message PATH wants to communicate is: Pride in individuality.

PATH represent a new vision of masculinity by challenging the boundaries of traditional concepts and aesthetics for men. We push the border of menswear further, blurring the lines of gender conventions through androgynous looks that question the relevance of traditional gender definitions.
PATH transcends the line between avant-garde and wearable fashion, setting an experimental and visionary tone.

Operating between Beijing and Berlin is cool - what are the benefits of working in these two cities as a creative? Do they work with or against each other?

I’m mostly working from Beijing. Beijing is our base. But I really enjoy going back to Berlin for inspiration at least twice a year. It’s great to have a mix of the 2 cities and the 2 different cultures as a source of inspiration. It gives me the great opportunity to see both sides and experience their different vibes to create a radically different image of the East-meets-West aesthetic, which shapes my vision for PATH, on top of reshaping the way we look and think of ‘Made in China’

Through this concept I am able see the well developed side of the established fashion scene of the west, while being able to tap into this crazy, young, but ever-changing hub of an increasingly creative fashion scene.

What boys (or girls) do you want to see wearing PATH?

The look presented by PATH is both inspired by and designed for confident outsiders, it is for a niche market, not the masses. We are not trying to be for everyone, but instead everything for someone.

PATH targets individuals with a different mindset when it comes to menswear, with a different view on the traditional gender roles and how men have to dress in order to be seen as men. PATH is for the rule breakers. PATH is for men who are confident in their own skin with showing a new masculinity, free from the standard uniform.

On top of that I don’t necessarily think of the customers in categories such as age, race, and gender. Instead, I think of them in terms of shared beliefs and values.

The look here is futuristic, how do you see fashion changing in the future? What's going to be the biggest change for this generation?

I see the biggest change in the rules and standards, and I think they won’t exist any longer. Anything is possible – there are no rules to apply anymore in fashion or styling. And since consumer behavior is changing, I see being adaptable and being aware will be key in the future, as well as improving

environmental friendly products, low-impact production and distribution models. We’ all have to start innovating now, as fashion and technology will merge to promote sustainability.

What's your #currentmood? What do you want to focus your energies on next?

#Currentmood? – Let go, be fearless and keep creating.
We are going to shift the focus a bit and will have a series of shoots coming up where we want to show PATH on girls more. We don’t want to go too much into a genderless direction, PATH is still menswear at first, but we want to show the flexibility and also just playing around with it without taking ourselves too serious. So that should be fun for something to look forward to in 2017.

Cool. Thanks Janine!