Jeremy Scott breaks fashion boundaries for Moschino SS18

Ready-to-wear My Little Ponies for all.

[J]eremy Scott knows how to ruffle some feathers. So what better way to open a show than with a tutu that looks like its been stollen off the prima ballerina from Swan Lake herself and dyed in Moschino pastels. Opened with a daring look on Cindy Crawford’s burgeoning supermodel daughter, Kaia Gerber, kicking it in throwback biker boots of 90s Cindy herself. Scott designed a Moschino x My Little Pony capsule for his illusive fake-collabs: think tulle, tanks and tween lunchboxes, but all worn on the runway with a clashing edge of fishnets and leather looks.

Moving from pony-emblazoned pink through to BDSM leather-looks, Scott creates powerfully boundary breaking pieces of “TOUGH CHIC” motorbike wear made into a belted bodysuit. With all models poised in androgynous pixie crop wigs – tricked to look like even Gigi’s luscious locks had been chopped – the collection was a clash of femininity and androgyny in the most abrasive of forms. Elegant beading meets spiked safety pins; satin bows meet tilted studded caps.

As the bikers walked from the catwalk, in floated the finale flowers: Hunger 12 cover-star Anna Cleveland transformed into a tulip as she glided down the runway, petals in hand. Blooming into floral creatures, the looks grew more extravagant by the second: with Joan Smalls inundated with rose buds, stems spiking through the Bardot neckline. The ultimate manifestations of a head to toe blooming number, and finally Gigi and Kaia blossomed into full bouquets. Florals for Spring really can be groundbreaking, take that Miranda Priestly.