Liam Hodges is making noise for SS18

SS18 is loud af.

[F]or SS18, LFWM outlier Liam Hodges has moved from the dystopian aesthetics of last season with ‘UNVEILED TOMORROWS’, an interrogative ache to make some noise, learn from the noise, fuck in the noise and inevitably, stand out in the audio-visual-political clamour that permeates the 21st century, “If silence is death life must be noise”.

Featuring a literal screaming (and terrifying) teddy as a brand motif, the roar that echoes from Hodges’ SS18 collection is one that wants to be cute, wants to move upwards, to originate and not imitate, and not be afraid to bare its teeth, and it does so with aplomb. In a pallet of grey, green, black and a stand-out traffic cone orange, the collection bonds the hybrid workwear-sportswear aesthetic that Liam Hodges has been gravitating towards. New for the designer is an entry of footwear and denim (a feature we’d been hoping for), which hung off the body whilst looking durable, wearable and masculine.

A maven for underground subcultures, there were references to grime, ultimate car modding, the DIY nature of zine culture and an incorporation of FILA. ‘UNVEILED TOMORROWS’ stitches these underground sentiments into anarchist silhouettes for our generation to age into, “I’m trying to make clothes that I wanna wear when I’m older rather than what the people who are older wear now”.

Take a look at all the looks in our gallery below and check our Instagram for catwalk vids.