19 April 2018

Mastermono is the short documentary taking you into London’s black & white world

Ken Kamara and Arianna Marin's are to be featured at Cheap Cuts Film Festival.

[B]erlin based filmmakers Ken Kamara and Arianna Marin’s debut short film is a sharp documentary which sweeps you away into the little-known culture of film processing. Entitled MASTERMONO it’s a journey into the world of one of the last black and white photographic hand printers in London. Retrospectively praising the love between the art of photo printing and its master, the doc “unveils an alchemist whose charisma secretly sparks in this luminous city”.

Selected to screen at Cheap Cuts Film Festival this May, Kamara and Marin’s exploration of the “utopia where time and chemistry intertwine” is opening up a new world to its viewers. As Cheap Cuts explain “MASTERMONO brings history, celebrities, far away places and breathtaking adventures back to life”. A captivating collaboration between London born visual artist and director Kamara with Italian born multilingual journalist and director Marin, it’s a mesmerising part of the series ‘By Hand By Craft’. Not to be missed.

MASTERMONO screens for Cheap Cuts Documentary Film Festival on 20th May 2018 at 11am, for more information and tickets click here. Until then, check out Ken Kamara’s work online here now.