Matija Erceg is the digital artist transforming the ordinary to the surreal

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[V]ancouver-based graphic designer Matija Erceg has been making waves in the digital art scene since he created his Instagram a few years ago. Combing ordinary objects with random food bits, he creates surreal new inventions. Set against vibrant colour pop backgrounds, his work celebrates the weird and wild with the aim of making his viewer “want the object that they’re simultaneously disgusted by”.

Explaining that he’s always been artily inclined, Erceg describes that “since I was a kid, I was told I was good at drawing. Photoshop blew my mind in the early 2000s, and I borrowed a computer tablet from a friend, which I never gave back.” But it was the age of social media which sent his work into new realms: “I have never taken art on as a project until @seriousdesign…It was the first time that I told myself ‘Put in a serious effort, and don’t change course until it feels done”. Here’s hoping there’s more of Erceg and his cyber mad scientist stuff to come. Until then, here are our top picks…


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Calamari ring #redux

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