Meet Burberry’s latest collaborator, illustrator Danny Sangra

This season it's all about doodles.

[O]ne of the most enthralling pastimes from our childhood is getting a high fashion makeover. Doodling is everywhere: see Shrimps’ SS18 collection for whimsical scribbles or Jennifer Hayashi’s 1980s-style neon sketches. Burberry is also fully on-board the fashion-meets-art aesthetic, with the launch of The Doodle. The tote bag is the ultimate old-school rebellious statement this season and, to celebrate the launch, the British fashion house have called on artist and filmmaker Danny Sangra to take-over the Burberry Regent Street flagship store over two days from 8th December with his inimitable illustrations.

The Central Saint Martins graduate will set up his own artist station, where he will be live doodling on Burberry’s new totes on commission with a choice of his illustrations and witty colloquialisms, for one-of-a-kind designs. “You can expect romance, intrigue and a tall awkward guy painting a bunch of random thoughts in the window,” the Leeds-born creative tells Hunger. His style? “Loose and getting looser.”


“I fell off a barber shop chair when I was eight in my mum’s salon,” Sangra says. “I was a little shaken so to calm me down, my mum’s assistant got me to draw some cartoons. That is literally the day I started to draw with enthusiasm. Ten years after that I went to Central St Martins to study graphic design. Worked some shitty part time jobs, quit the shitty part time jobs, took a leap of faith and rode my luck.”


Sangra’s satirical, tongue-in-cheek designs go against the grain. Most recently he partnered with Burberry on their first AR experience on their App (built using Apple’s ARKit, the feature allows users to experience life in a witty augmented reality by overlaying the artist’s eclectic illustrations onto their surrounding environment). “I’m inspired by big characters,” he says. “When you see or hear of people who showed the guts to stick to their own tune, then it makes you feel you can and should too.”

Shop The Doodle online and in-store at Danny Sangra will takeover the Burberry Regent Street flagship store over two days 8th and 9th December.