Meet the Model: Edward Wilding

Published on 16 January 2015

[G]one are the days when models were just clothes horses without a voice. Now a legion of vivacious and astute models, led by supers such as Cara, Jourdan and Suki are some of the most popular celebrities and teen icons with thousands, if not millions, of followers on social media. Enter Edward Wilding, the 21-year-old Storm model from Manchester who is adored by leading fashion houses from Versace to Dolce & Gabbana as well as a loyal fanbase of lovestruck girls. In between editorial shoots, castings and fronting campaigns, we spoke to an extremely down-to-earth Ed for the first in our new ‘Meet the Model’ series. Enjoy!

To the average person, the male model can be wholly intimidating and untouchable but you’ve broken down that barrier with a fun, easy going and tongue-in-cheek attitude on social media. Is it important for people to see you as more than just a (very) pretty face?

Haha I think the trick with any industry, not just modelling, is to remain yourself throughout and treat everyone you meet exactly the same. No matter what position or how important someone might seem we are all people and people like to be treated with respect. If you make your work fun you will never work a day in your life.

If you weren’t a model would you still have an interest in fashion? What would you be doing otherwise?

Yes, I think I would still be interested in fashion but with a completely different understanding of how fashion works. It’s like a huge machine with lots of cogs that need to turn in time with each other for the final product. And I would probably still be a gardener with my brother. I was the best lawn cutter in Manchester a few years back haha.

You are constantly on the go and travelling for campaigns, shoots and shows. Where’s the most impressive place you’ve visited recently?

Hmm, I was impressed a lot with Iceland, it was a huge place full of huge mountains and steam coming out of the ground everywhere, mental.

A lot of the biggest models now are dipping their toes into other talents. Has modelling opened doors for you? where would you like to take your career next?

It’s opened my mind, it’s allowed me to see and meet different people from different walks of life and gather a better understanding of how the world works. In regards to what’s next, retirement would be nice haha but I would like to get into property development and charity work.

What would be your advice to your younger self or a nervous new face?

Remember who you are where you’re from, who was there at the start. Be polite, be respectful and most of all there is no point in doing it if you’re not having fun.

How do you keep in shape or do you enjoy a cheeky McDs occasionally?

Haha we all know I love a good Mcdonalds, but the key is moderation. Sometimes I do have to swap the Big Mac for a chicken salad but food tastes good and life’s too short to not enjoy food. Just equal it out with a trip to the gym “once a year” haha

When you get back home what’s the first thing you do?

Give my brother a text saying “beer?” Haha then give my mum a massive cuddle, never too old to cuddle your mum guys.

What are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment I’m learning the piano so listening to a lot of classical music, boring I know but it is quite relaxing to play when crammed onto a rush hour tube.

Can you tell us a secret?

My two older sisters once dressed me up as a girl and convinced their friends I was their female cousin.

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